What COVID highlights is how critical science is. When it comes to choosing a career, science needs the brightest and the best.

Christopher Ridgeway — Stone Clinical Laboratories

Science is what is going to help solve many problems.

By extension, science teachers are critical for developing a love of the field. If kids out there aren’t interested in chemistry, physics and the like, they will have zero interest in growing up and working in the field.

Christopher Ridgeway, founder and CEO of Stone Clinical Laboratories, on empowering physicians.

There is a lot to be gained from empowering people. They are capable of things you can’t even imagine. This can only happen if they’re granted the freedom that comes with being empowered.

Stone Clinical Laboratories founded by Christopher Ridgeway

The best workers are just smart, they have inquisitive minds and want to explore further.

What examples of empowering workers do you know of? What happened as a result of it?

How exciting that Preservation Hall is opening up for live music for the first time since COVID-19 began?

It’s really nice to have things such as live music return. Life has been affected in every way and things such as live music have been missed.

It will be the first performance at Preservation Hall since March 2020.

Saying this, it’s important that people are still careful and don’t do anything to trigger another outbreak.

Everyone at Stone Clinical Laboratories is working hard to prevent this. It’s the last thing anyone wants.

Imagine explaining the concept of a YouTube Channel to someone 25 years ago!

Working at at Stone Clinical Laboratories

It’s a sign of how technology has advanced that people are curious why you don’t have a YouTube Channel.

They can ask this of Stone Clinical Laboratories no longer as we have our own YouTube Channel.

It’s great for giving people an insight into the inner workings of Stone Clinical Laboratories.

If there are any specific things you’d like to see, please let me know!

One of the central pillars in the Stone Clinical Laboratories ethos is Empowering Physicians.

Empowering Physicians gives them the ability to think outside the box. Who knows where this creativity will lead?

Some of the most exciting and ground breaking scientific advances came due to physicians being empowered.

Now when we’re looking to labs all over the world to help us, we’re depending on scientific advances more than ever before.

Stone Clinical Laboratories CEO Christopher Ridgeway
Stone Clinical Laboratories CEO Christopher Ridgeway

Are people at your place of work empowered? If so, how does it manifest in real life? Have tangible benefits been achieved due to it?

Christopher Ridgeway is the founder and CEO of Stone Clinical Laboratories

It was our pleasure to play a part in the South Beach Wine & Food Festival happening. A much loved event, there were concerns that it wouldn’t be able to happen given the COVID issues but not only did it happen but it happened without a hitch and any drama.

Stone Clinical Laboratories partnered with SG Blocks and worked together to provide general testing and pop-up VIP and to those coming to the event in South Beach.

I’m extremely proud of the great work we’re doing at Stone Clinical Laboratories.

We just announced a partnership with LumiraDx to offer comprehensive COVID-19 testing solutions for mass screening settings.

This is going to allow us to provide provide the unique COVID-19 testing solutions of LumiraDx which will be key in ensuring the health and safety of groups.

As we want to exit COVID-19, the last thing we can have is a spike in cases but if people are so eager to get out, one mistake can prove extremely costly.

Thanks the South Beach Wine & Food Festival and Air & Sea Show & Music Explosion events went off without a hitch and people were able to have a wonderful time while not compromising on their health or safety.

Christopher Ridgeway

Christopher Ridgeway is the founder and CEO of Stone Clinical Laboratories. Find out more about him at https://christopher-ridgeway.com/

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