Christopher Ridgeway: Stone Clinical Laboratories Partnering with LumiraDx

I’m extremely proud of the great work we’re doing at Stone Clinical Laboratories.

We just announced a partnership with LumiraDx to offer comprehensive COVID-19 testing solutions for mass screening settings.

This is going to allow us to provide provide the unique COVID-19 testing solutions of LumiraDx which will be key in ensuring the health and safety of groups.

As we want to exit COVID-19, the last thing we can have is a spike in cases but if people are so eager to get out, one mistake can prove extremely costly.

Thanks the South Beach Wine & Food Festival and Air & Sea Show & Music Explosion events went off without a hitch and people were able to have a wonderful time while not compromising on their health or safety.

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Christopher Ridgeway

Christopher Ridgeway is the founder and CEO of Stone Clinical Laboratories. Find out more about him at